Ethical or unethical?

I didn’t make the players and I sold my team for draft picks next year. There’s no prizes for the consolation round and I want to know if it’s wrong to drop half my roster to pick up guys on IR for next season? We have FAAB, so everyone has a fair chance at getting the scraps I drop. I would drop usless positions but the league is set up with max. position.

Ehtical or unethical?

We have rules against this. We only have one keeper and if a guy is released to waivers with a season ending IR you can’t pick him up as a keeper.

I’m guessing this is dynasty or multiple keeper league?

A 2 keeper league. There has been chats about changing to the format your referring to but in our league no rules for keeping a waiver pick up.

If there is no rule against it I wouldn’t abuse it but I would find someone good to keep if I didn’t have good options already on my roster. So instead of loading up just pick one or two guys you know you want to keep.

We don’t have a rule against stashing an IR guy, but picking one up from waivers.

We had a guy draft Edleman last year and leave him on his roster all year in a burner spot so he could use him as a keeper. As long as he didn’t drop him that was fine. That was the penalty he had to pay to do it.

I get that. Sobwith out being a complete douche bag. My roster is


I’m looking at these guys on IR


Which would you consider to be best odds for keepers.

Kupp, McKinnon, Guice all should be good options. Fuller has talent but has proven to get hurt a lot (lots of soft tissue hamstring stuff over two years before the knee thats bad for a speed guy.)

Guice , McKinnon were hurt early so their time table is ahead of Kupp. I think AP probably retires again and McKinnon is starter in too good of a system (especially ppr)… Freeman and Ajayi are too much of an injury risk for me.

Guice & Kupp would be the ones I keep.

Do you think he will be ready for start of season? That was my only concern.

It’s definitely a risk but I think the talent outweighs it. And also I think something you aren’t considering is the chance that McKinnon isn’t even the start for the 49ers. I was a strong anti-McKinnon component in the offseason, unfortunately didn’t get to see that play out to see if I was right or wrong but 49ers have an out next year on his contract. And with the FAs available and potential guys coming in the draft, I think theres a good chance McKinnon never plays a down for the 49ers.

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McKinnon I think is the starter unless they draft or get someone in the market. Out of what is there he is more talented. Everyone (rb) is successful for fantasy in that system it seems. The situation he is in it wouldn’t hurt to grab 3 or 4 and see what happened.

We’ll just have to disagree on the talent part. I’ve seen enough of McKinnon to see him for what he is and not get sucked into his measurables. Posted extensively about this in the offseason. I didn’t even think he was the best RB on the roster. I think Breida has proven that. If Breida was healthy, I think that would be a split backfield. But I think they will go and acquire someone in FA or in the draft. If they see someone they really like, could easily release McKinnon and save the cap hit.

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Ok. So leaning towards Kupp Freeman and guice. I am a believer in McKinnon but I think I’ll pass. If no one gets offended by my tactics then I’ll pick up McKinnon for safe measure. Thanks boys.

I don’t disagree with that. I don’t think he’s a ‘full load guy’, but neither is a James White, Chris Thompson, etc. Huge value with whoever is in that role in that system SF runs. I’d take him in PPR all day long outside of injury concerns, which unfortunately have to be considered. Who ever ‘that guy’ is in SF is going to produce as long as he is on the field.