Ethical question...Keeper league

In a keeper league (4 keepers/auction draft) and at the end of the fantasy season, but before rosters locked, someone dropped Joe Mixon ($38 keeper). I picked him up 12 days later in January. I would now get to keep Mixon for free. Is this ethically ok? Or should I have to toss Mixon back?

P.S. No one knows yet, or at least has said anything about him being on my roster since early January.

Not your problem. I’m inclined to go with you got yourself some salvage.

In my personal opinion keeper leagues should allow trading after season end, but otherwise adding of drops should be impossible. Your league doesn’t or didn’t operate like this so he was there for everyone to get. Everybody had the chance to see him and grab him. He who hangs around gets nothing.


I agree with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird.

If someone was frustrated, and dumb imho, enough to drop Mixon and you were able to pick him up, that is part of the game. It isn’t your fault the league has rules set up for you to be able to do that.

You played the game and you won in this situation.


I’d be super clear and bring it to the entire league. The person who dropped them should be talked too and the expectations on how things should be handled at the end of the season should be discussed.


But overall It’s fair to do that in my opinion

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I agree I’d just let the league know clearly now on your plans so expectations moving forward can be set.


I appreciate the feedback! And will be using this thread as evidence LOL

How were you able to make drops or pick ups in January if it’s a keeper league?

So I am going to go against the norm on this one. In my opinion since this is not a dynasty league, all rosters should have been locked as soon as the 2020 season was over. The 2021 season begins once players decided who their keepers are and locked in. Once that happens then draft pick and keeper trading can begin. THEN once the draft happens, you can once again use the waiver wire. I do not see a point in that timeline when someone should’ve been able to drop or pick up Mixon. Unless previous stated in the Rules that pickups were allowed in the off season and those players are able to be kept as a last round pick, then not only should Mixon be off your roster but unfortunately go back to his orginal owner.

This is just my opinion and this would be a totally different story if it was a dynasty league.
Good Luck with everything