Ethical Question!

Hey! Im looking for some judgment on to whether this situation is shady or not. Im in a 10 team PPR redraft league.
One member in our league expressed losing interest after obtaining a 1-5 record, stating he was bored and probably wouldn’t play next year. When my team lost aaron rodgers, he dropped his whole bench, with some value (including elliot, maclin, donta foreman, hunter henry, sammy watkins, and some other bum) in order to pick up all qb’s just to mess with my team. We’re not even playing each other so its not like this helps him get a win or anything. I made the argument that he shouldnt be able to tank and use his team just to be a funny guy. He calls it “strategy” to force a trade out of me, but obviously no trade i would make for a waiver qb would be worth all he dropped. This is BS right? Doesn’t it also throw off the league’s balance moving forward due to adding people to the waiver wire that will help other teams as well as providing an easy win to all his future opponents? I think this one is obvious, but my league is of the opinion that he has a right to do anything he pleases with his team. Am I going crazy? All opinions welcome! Thanks!

PS: For what its worth, I’ve suffered the loss of aaron rodgers, david johnson, danny woodhead, allen robinson, and golden tate. I’m doing all I can to stay afloat (traded for maclin for mixon, and llamar miller for brandin cooks. It bugs the shit out of me that someone gets to use his tanking team to make it harder.