Ethical to use it spot on healthy players

Once they return that is. The league locks roster exchanges ie ww or trades with them there, but gives time to scout for a few extra weeks. Is it ethical?

I’m not sure I understand the question/what spot you are referring to. Please clarify for my slow morning brain! need coffee asap

Oh - you’re asking whether it’s ok to put a healthy player in your IR slot? You shouldn’t be capable of even doing that. I’d assume whatever platform you’re on will give you an error if you try. Otherwise, I’d be annoyed if I noticed an opponent was able to do that on a player I was going for, for about 5 minutes…and then life would resume.

I’d prob be more annoyed that I hadn’t figured it out first. I say if the website you use lets you save it and your league isn’t one with cash on the line or a swearing in ceremony before the season starts…then, it’s not something you’re gonna make friends by doing, but it’s not a felony either. The thing let you save it that way after all - blame it on the system.