Ethics question line-up

So im guarenteed 1 seed with a week 1 bye. Im playing against a team that is currently in 4th but still fighing for the playoffs 4th-8th are separated by 1 game.

Based on teams it benefits me more to lose and not let a stronger team climb the ladder. Should i set a non-optimal lineup or just play as hard as i can?

Don’t be that guy who sets a bad lineup just to give another team a chance and you an easier road. It wont be as satisfying in the end if you win and you know you did that.

Now that doesn’t mean you need to play the waiver wire agressively or stream the best DEF. but just choose from your roster the best players and go for the win. If you lose well atleast you did it honorably

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Fair. I will do my best.

Agreed. Best of luck at losing. Lol