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Ethics Question


So The person I’m facing is playing Mariota this week I’m playing jacoby brissett is it unethical for me to add mat Cassel just Incase he doesn’t play? I’m all about winning but I’m not sure if it’s wrong.


How big is the league? I would prefer him to start Matt Cassel over a lot of QB’s so I don’t think you should pick him up.


no. despite what people think Fantasy is a weekly game. Purposely picking up a player so another person can’t use him is smart. That said Cassel is crappy and unless there’s like nobody on waivers it’s not worth the add. I’d imagine someone like Case Keenum would be getting played well over Cassel and you wouldn’t want to pick him up either.


So I’m gonna pick him up and drop him so he goes to the waivers, and then can’t be added.


Not at all! IMO that’s just good strategy. He’s taking the risk he plays and you are taking the risk he doesn’t and trying to block him. If he doesn’t pick up another QB prior to that game that’s on him.


I think you have to have the player for x-amount of time for him to go back on waivers, so don’t do it too quickly