Etiquette question...Didn't make I still put in waiver claims?

Thanks to Tre’Quans goose egg, I lost my matchup and fell short of the playoffs (Well, not just Tre’Quan. There were other gaffs, but i digress)
First year in this league that my son also plays in, who made the playoffs and also has the #1 waiver priority currently. Asked if he’s putting in any claims, and he says there’s an unwritten rule that you don’t put in any claims if you"re not in the playoffs.
What would be proper etiquette here?
BTW, this is a Yahoo league, with no consolation bracket. so, i’m not sure it will even let me place any claims.

no way you play your game always make claims always play thats stupid. Ur still in the league arent u? and The players you would make claims on are on waivers not on anyones team correct? therefore they dont own them. If i dont make playoffs my league be ware because im coming after every best player and dropping anything that wont help anyone in playoffs. Make your claims win highest points every week and make sure people in playoffs know they got lucky ur no there.


Reckon I’m just not sure how it works if there’s no CONSOLATION LADDER. So…if you’re not in the P/O’s…and no consolation ladder…you’re done???

Apparently not if you’re still considering making a WW claim.

Sorry…just not understanding how your League works. I’m only used to how ours works and how ESPN does it.

Still curious tho….:thinking:

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That’s my thinking as well. Had he not mentioned the “unwritten rule”, for sure wouldI be putting in claims.

Last season, in a Yahoo league, once I was eliminated from the playoffs I wasn’t able to put in any waiver claims. Like I was locked out. It may be a league setting. It is currently allowing me to make claims, as I just put one in.

EXACTLY!!! Very well put!!! Reckon I just don’t understand the "just quiting and giving up attitude if you don’t make the P/O’s. But…again…apparently I just don’t understand how other FFB sites work.

Just doesn’t make sense to me why YAHOO would do that!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I also agree w @grizzwald39 100% I would say I agree 1000% if that were possible LOL

That said, I have a little dilemma that relates to this topic…

I’m commish in a 14 team league where 6 teams make the “real” playoffs, 6 make the consolation playoffs and 2 toilet bowlers. Everyone in the league is either a friend of mine or a friend of a friend, etc. I noticed this morning after waivers processed that the only teams who made claims were the 6 real playoff teams… sorry 1 consolation bracket team attempted to make a claim, but that was it. As of 9 PST this morning, still no activity from the other 7/8 teams. Seems the other 7 teams in the league are just done playing.

I’m strongly considering sending the league an email expressing my thoughts on staying active, is that a bad idea? I would be polite about it, but I’m really bummed that half the league seems to be calling it quits already, and I’m afraid I might come across as being a dick.

I feel very strongly about being teams being active ALL season, but I know I can’t really make anyone be more active than they want to be.

Also worth noting that it’s a 2 keeper league where the draft order is based on the reverse of the final standings, so some teams could be tanking for better draft position.

What should I do, if anything?

Most leagues that play for big cash have rules in place to prevent owners that are out of playoff contention from skunking the waiver wire. If there are no rules in place that prevents this by all means add/drop all day

one thing we do in our leauge to prevent this is whoever get highest point everyone week wins a small percentage of money seems to help people stay motivated.

We have a $20 buy in so I wouldn’t call that “big cash” but still…

I like the idea of a small prize for most points each week, i discussed that with one other owner, and their objection was that the more $$ is spent on weekly prizes, the less there is for the team who wins it all which I would agree is where most of the prize $ should go… Also he brought up that a small prize might not be motivation enough… IDK…

Just curious how much would be a reasonably small prize to offer each week?

Also, should I even bother griping to the league about being active? Is it worth the time and effort?

If i was you i may just send out simple remider like “rember its a keeper leauge!”. In one cash leauge i do we have 75 dollar buy in. 10 dollars a week to highest point, 75 to highest points at end of season and winner of leauge still gets 665