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European Based 1/2 PPR League


Hey all,

I just moved to Germany from Los Angeles and it has been tough finding people to sports banter with.
Looking to start a cool league with other European locals who will be active, exchange insults, and generally just down to have a good time.

Standard roster of 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1te, flex, k, def.

Let me know if you’re interested.



Hey there! Me and my collegaue would like to join if Its possible :slight_smile: He is a beginner, but I am bringing him up to speed, and I am a vet, playing for 6 year, 3 year in keeper leauge. What do you say? :slight_smile: we are from Hungary btw


Sounds good man! Send me your emails. Is Yahoo ok?


Hey there!

Mine is pinter.daniel@outlook.com. And I asked my friend to drop me his as well. I wouldnt mind espn, but Yahoo is also fine.


Az Android Outlook letöltése


hello mate im interested in joining email address is louis_moss1995@yahoo.com


Definitely interested if there is still room jojaroot@gmail.com


Im sending my friends email as well: benyo.peter@gmail.com

Az Android Outlook letöltése


Sent you all an invite via email. Draft is Sunday at 10 AM PDT (Pacific Time)



Interested if there is still a spot left -> engesser-patrick@web.de


Hey Kenneth!

Could we please start the draft a little earlier or maybe later? I have another draft on Sunday, exactly at that time. I would greatly appreciate it.