Evaluate my trade offer

They offered Singletary for J. Brown.

I countered with Singletary and Edelman for T. Williams, J. Brown and G. Bernard.

If he declines I am thinking I may be willing to part with M. Brown instead of Gio.

My roster:
K Murray, A Cooper, S Watkins, D Johnson, A Ekeler, D Waller, J White
Bench: M Brown, M Gallup, T Williams, J Brown, G Bernard, G Tate

Their roster:
D Prescott, M Thomas, J Edelman, L Fournette, C Carson, T Hockenson, C Kupp, C Kirk, D Singletary, AJ Green, C Thompson, T Smith, T Ginn Jr

Sidenote: This is my opponent this week. So if there is another counter I still want that Edelman action. Edelman, Watkins and White could win me my week over him.

14 team PPR with the weirdest scoring I’ve ever seen. Basically every bonus point possible is activated almost all my players are projected at 15+ points…

Also McLaurin is on waivers and I am happy to scoop him up if this is accepted and frees roster space