Evaluate this superflex dynasty trade for me please footclan

Recently a trade went down in our superflex dynasty league(full ppr, 6 pt passing, start 1QB,2RB,3WR,2TE,2FLEX,1SFLEX), and a few members of our league think it unfair to the point of being veto-able. Tell me what you think! Please tell me whether you think the trade was fair or not, and whether it should be veto’d.

Julio Jones
David Johnson
Matt Ryan
Antonio Brown


A.J. Brown
Gardner Minshew
Chase Edmonds
2020 late 1st round pick

The team that traded for the youngins and picks is sitting at 4-12(somewhat due to previous owner not setting his lineup). The team that acquired the win now players is vying for a championship.

I’m very against veto-ing trades and I believe this is veto-able. Or at least needs to be put to vote (if it hasn’t yet.
I get the upside of a young AJ brown (with no QB), a young Gardner (who may not be starting next season), and the potential future for the cardinals (if DJ’s injury is serious and they don’t re-sign drake). However, to make this trade even close there needs to be high value players (with KNOWN value, not expected value) and/or more picks.
In my opinion of course.

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Do you think adding a 2021 2nd rounder would make it more fair in your eyes? Or is that still not enough? I personally think it’s pretty fair especially when you weigh the risk of DJ potentially being put on IR with this lingering back issue, along with Antonio Brown being unlikely to play this year(maybe ever) I’m pretty high on AJ Brown though, and I think Edmonds should be the front runner for the starting job next year once they move on from DJ this offseason. Minshew looks great and I hope the Jaguars keep starting him even though they paid Foles.