Evaluate this trade please

There was a trade made in one of my league that started a big arguement and I want to hear what some of you guys think of it and which side you prefer! I feel like it’s obvious though.
LeVeon Bell
Kenyan Drake
Joe Mixon
Julio Jones

Standard redraft league

I sort of the don’t like it. Is Bell seriously going to play this year? I feel like the person giving up Mixon and Jones is giving up a whole lot just for the chance that Bell plays. Drake is so hit or miss this year. He finally did something this weekend.

What are the reports about Bell actually playing?

Is the guy giving up Mixon and Jones absolutely stacked at WR and RB? Seems an insanely heavy price to pay for really Bell and him coming back after the bye and being the number 1 or 2 RB ROS each week…

I mean if it’s a trade agreed it’s a trade agreed and there’s no changing that it just seems crazy to give up two every week starters and studs for one potential stud and a stash player

I don’t like it but I don’t hate it, this isn’t like highway robbery. If Bell comes back and plays he’s arguably a top 4 value in FF with AB, MT, and Gurley. Drake could and should be a beast but hasn’t been so far.

The take way is that Bell + Drake is trading for that lotto ticket, it’s a home run or strikeout trade.

The person getting Mixon + julio is making a safe play.

He has Barkley, Dalvin Cook as his RBs and his WRs are Golden Tate, John Brown, Corey Davis, DeSean Jackson. Took a big hit at WR with that trade. I just thought it was a foolish move on his part!

I guess he has the RB depth to hold Bell without issue and ran out of patience on Jones. It is paying a lot and i can see that WR core he has running out of steam but Barkley, Bell (if he gets back to form) and Cook (same as Bell + if he gets healthy) will give him a big advantage most weeks.

The guy getting Mixon and Jones needs help i guess with Bell doing nothing for him and Drake looking like a bust. Don’t hate it based on the rosters. I can see how the names involved at first glance could cause a stir though. The guy with Bell just sold him at his ceiling, and the other guy was prepared to pay nothing wrong just risky