Evan Engram Dynasty trade

Pierre Garçon and D. Thomas for Evan Engram and the 3.4 and 3.8. Is this a fair trade? And what side would you rather have?

If all i need are some good receivers to put me over the top for THIS YEAR, then i’d rather have Garcon and Thomas. Otherwise i’d rather have Engram and the picks since he is much younger.

Assuming you needed WRs you would agree it’s a fair trade?

I would rather have the young guy and draft picks. It’s a fair trade if you have to have WRs now, but both WRs have been in the league for 8 and 10 years. They can only give you 2-4 more years max. I would rather have the upside player and draft the future prospects.

I would say so. Maybe I don’t value late round rookie picks as much as the next guy. A lot of the time rookies picked that late won’t turn out to be that good. It does happen for sure, but i think the production of Thomas and Garcon for 2 years is a better bet.

Yeah I was trying to make an offer for Engram. The team I proposed the trade to has some potential breakout players at WR but no one solid. Plus he has Travis Kelce. I thought it was a pretty good trade but it was declined lol
Thanks for the input guys. I always enjoy a good temperature check on the general value of players.