Evan Engram for a WR

What are some examples of WRs that I could get for Evan Engram? 3WR league, and I have Cooper Kupp and Tyreek. But then I have Robbie Anderson and was counting on DJax. Have made it by with Auden Tate/Chris Conley. And I feel like I could move Engram to get a medium-level TE (gross, I know) and get a decent WR and stream TE.

Amari Cooper seems like a no-brainer if I can convince the guy?
Other ideas after looking through league rosters - Gallup, Golladay, Sutton, Marvin Jones, Hollywood Brown, Edelman

Are you thinking you can get Amari Cooper for Evan Engram straight up?

It’s unlikely - but I havent really looked into it too much yet. So let’s assume no haha

Good assumption that isn’t happening.

The only guys that you listed that you might be able to get straight up are Jones and Brown probably.

Gallup and Sutton are longshots if their owners really need a TE.

Right - thanks for the help.

I maybe just need to lower expectations for Engram and him leveling down with Danny Dimes

Yep, I am in the same boat except he’s my starter. He was wide open for about a 15 yard TD last night, but Jones never even looked his way and threw to a guy who was double covered. It is pretty frustrating.