Evan Engram for Melvin Gordon?

My friends a huge Giants fan and wants Engram. Is it worth it? My other RBs are Barkley, Carson, and Gurley so I am feeling really unsettled at my RB spots.

To replace my tight end I was thinking of trading Gurley for Olsen and James White. What do you guys think?

I’d do this and then try to stream. Is Dixon available?

Who’s Dixon?

With how volatile the TE position is I don’t think it’s worth it

I currently have OJ Howard (whom I will give up on this week if he doesnt produce) and as I mentioned I can probably swing a trade for Greg Olsen who is at least having a good start of the year.

Herndon is also on the waiver wire and I will pick him up regardless. I watched him last year and he should also be a solid tight end.

OJ Howard looks like he could have a better half of the year. Arizona is on the schedule too

I don’t hate Gordon for Engram at the core of it, but I don’t think it’s worth it… I DO hate Gurley for James White/Olsen, though… that sounds hideous… so if that’s your plan to dig out of a self-created TE vacuum, both of those trades make your team worse IMO…

Just my 2 cents… I fully expect Gurley to end up with a respectable RB1 stat-line by season’s end, trading him for peanuts right now is super dumb

I agree maybe it isnt wise to sell low on Gurley, but what makes you think hes going to turn it around? I know they don’t want to burn him out early in the season, but their offense especially in the run game doesn’t look good at all. I know Schottenheimer Jr when he coached the Jets as a fan and his offenses are very boring. I remember before Gurley had McVay come in and put him in the passing game, Gurley was looking like a bust. They’re also 3-0 and doing fine feeding Kupp all the touchdowns.

  1. He’s the highest paid RB in the NFL
  2. He’s not on a snap count
  3. He’s not been used in the screen game this year… yet
  4. He’s not had many goal line opportunities, and I refuse to believe that’s by design
  5. He’s the leading scorer in fantasy football for the past two years… he still runs the same as he did then, and game situations haven’t favored feeding him yet… he will get fed
  6. His floor is still not losing you games… if he was any other random RB2 you’d be fine with him… but since he’s not putting up “Gurley numbers” and the media made a huge deal about the knee thing, you’re looking at Gurley like he’s broken… he’s not… he’s fine… be patient… let him get fed