Evan Engram trade value

Picked up and played hunter Henry. Have Herndon on IR. Prob have to reg roster next week. I like to trade away engram for a Bell, Fuller or Singletary, individually of course. These are pieces I can target for the teams that are need a solid TE. Am I asking for too much

I don’t think so, hes a top 5 TE and if they need a TE I could see you getting good value. Problem is now bells schedule opens up and he has Darnold. Will be a tough pull now a couple of weeks ago you could have gotten him. I have bell would be a hard pull because he’s past bye and has a great schedule from here and the playoffs

What about the other two?
Engram for fuller
Engram for Singletary

Straight up? No, I wouldnt even do it for both

Thanks. I felt I was low balling myself. I requested the following three trafes.

Engram for bell
Engram for McClaren
Engram for Hopkins

If no one bites, hold 3 te for a week and Prob end up dropping Herndon.

I would add 1 more for the McLaren

:+1: appreciate yall

You aren’t getting Bell or Hopkins I can almost guarantee that. And after McLaurin’s big week last week I doubt you get that one either.

You prob right. I have to entice the trade a little. I might able to let go Watkins in the trade. He had value but can’t not trust him.

You would definitely be able to get Watkins…just don’t know if you want him.

No I am will adding Watkins and Engram for the deal

Oh, you can try. Don’t know how much he adds to the deal. He had 1 good week and is now hurt. No timetable on return.

Lol. I know. Sorry sack of crap. I bundled Hardman and Robinson and got him. So I ain’t losing much

Just for reference. Traded Engram/Watkins for

I always seems feel like I am on the wrong side of the trade. I have hunter Henry and Herndon off the IR so I should be good. With not know when Adams is coming back needed a WR2