Evan Engram Trade

I’ve already got Blake Jarwin (and we all know how Mike feels about the Blakeout) but i’m thinking about trading for Evan Engram as well. I’ve got plenty of RB depth but my opponent needs WR’s. My receivers are Julio, Kupp, AJ Green, Crowder and Golden Tate. Should I make a trade for Evan Engram or am I overthinking it?

Really depends on how you feel about Jarwin. I mean, if you make a WR trade, going to thin yourself out at WR where you can start more WR’s than you can TE’s

Appreciate the insight man

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Personally out of those WRs, I would only offer up Tate for Engram and I doubt anyone would take that trade. In my opinion, Engram isn’t enough of a sure thing to go out and actively trade for him yet. I would see how Jarwin starts in the first couple weeks.


That’s the way i’m leaning too. thanks man

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