Evan Ingram or Doug martin ROS?

my friend in my standard, 6 pt TD league said he would do ( doug martin + Lions D/ST —> Evan Ingram + TY mont. ) both doug and ingram would play as one of my flex’ because i have Ajayi and McKinnon already. is doug to ingram a brainless upgrade? or am i overthinking this and seeing doug as showing up later on in the season? I’m one of those teams competing for a playoff spot and doug could slow me down. do i do this trade PLS HELP.

I’m not feeling D Martin so far this year-I have him but am hesitant to play him unless I had to-I like EI at the tight end as its been a tough position play this year-

oh, we don’t have a straight up TE position in our league, both martin and IE would play as my flex. so its just heads up who’s gonna get more points

The packers and bucs as a whole are a mess-Monty vs Martin is a coin flip in my opinion

yeah the bucs are in a really bad place with their defense hurting really bad and its hurting the game script so badly for doug. i just sent the trade i hope it works out for me

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these bucs are not the same as last year’s bucs. outside of that week 2 beatdown of chicago, theyre D has been swiss cheese. if teams score on one, the offense wont rely on RBs so much. and dougie hamster apparently has issues with the team. that benching early in the third in that last game says something negative imo. stick to ingram. at least there is better chance of consistent scores…

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Douggie has issues with the team?

maybe the team had issues with dougie? i dunno. felt like he was benched than game scripted out…or maybe im reading too much into it?