Evans and Fuller for Brown

My Roster:
RBs- Gurley, Gore, CJ, White, Morris
WRS- Brown, Dez, Jeffery, kearse, Rishard
TEs- Engram and Reed
PPR, I’m 4-4. I’m facing off against someone who is 5-3 this week. i feel like I need this win this week. Brown is on bye this week. Do I trade Brown for Evans and Fuller who have already had their byes?

No, I wouldn’t. Brown is way too valuable, he’s a tier of his own. I know people have said this every single week, but Fuller can’t score every week. He is tied for 1st in TDs and tied for 155th in receptions. That is the most unsustainable fantasy scoring pace I have ever seen. He’s worth owning for sure but it’s hard to feel good about starting him to me.

I agree to not pull the trigger. Not because Brown is on another tier (he is) because he isnt putting up the same numbers. I dont think Fuller can sustain the streak and Evans has been up and down. Winstons shoulder has me concerned as well.