Evans for DHop

I’m looking to offer Evans and Hunt/James Robinson for DHop to the team that lost Barkley.

His RBs are Taylor, McKinnon and Henderson

My RBs are CEH David Johnson Bell Hunt Kelley and James Rob

Current WRs are Evans Hollywood and Crowder

Or should I look to trade Evans and get some depth at WR for someone like McLaurin and a flex WR?
It’s a 12 team ppr league

Personally if I’m the dhop owner I would want Evans and d johnson package :eyes:

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@kane Is that a move I should make or should I look to add more depth? There isn’t much to add off of waivers.
If not for Hopkins if I were to go after DJ Moore or Allen Robinson who would you offer from the players I listed.

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I would definitely offer Evans + hunt for dhop :ok_hand: can only try.

If you’re not high on Evans you might as well sell him high :grin:

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@kane If that doesn’t go through would u go for Allen Robinson? He has a pretty good schedule coming up and he’s pretty much the only good WR on the team I’m scared with Evans since Godwin is back he might not do so well