Evan's for Diggs and Lindsay

I have Evan’s and was offered Diggs and Lidnsay

@j_kona_b Depends on your bench. What are your other WRs? I think Diggs will turn around at some point (hopefully soon). If you have depth at WR, it might be worth making the trade and stashing Diggs. Also the trade deadline is ~2 weeks away, Diggs could be on his way out of Minnesota…

I have Lockett, McLaurin as my other WR
2 wr
1 rb - Mccaffery
1 flex - Carson

What other RBs are on your roster?

Joe Mixon…

Yeah, I’d take the trade. Rolling with McCaffery, Carson, and Lindsay at RB + Lockett, McClaurin, Diggs at WR is solid.

Awesome thanks braddah

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