Evans for Fournette

Wondering if I should try for this trade of Evans and Thielen for Fournette and Cooper, not worried about losing a WR because I have AB Julio and Dez is on my bench for the bye. Just need some other input and my RB’s are Zeke Bell Gordon McCaffrey plus D Henry

How in the world did you get a team like this? Something is seriously wrong with your league…

To answer your question, I would for sure do this trade. Fournette looks to be a top 5 RB this season and Cooper will bounce back eventually.

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4 team league?

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10 person, sold high on Watson Cook Hunt AJ. Lot of these owners think of last year and don’t pay attention to rookies coming out of college or look long term to schedules

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Solid team. I would do it too. Evans should finish the year as a top 5-7 WR and Cooper can only go up

What the heck… Was your league mates all drunk when they drafted… That team is stacked.

Yeah I’d be fine doing that trade