Evans for Freeman

12 Half Point PPR

Just had an offer… I get Freeman… He takes Evans straight up…

Im deep at WR I also have Brown…

Should I do it?

Depends do you need rbs?

My other RBs are… Cohen, Montgomery, Gurley, Gordon

I feel like if i make this trade I can shop Gurley and sell high to try and replace the loss of Evans… Gurleys schedule looks crazy coming up + I still have Brown

Yeah in that case I actually like this trade

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Who would your wr’s be without Evans?

no way, im keeping evans

your RBs are more than sufficient getting freeman makes it harder to make your start/sit decisions. Brown and Evans are a must start every week

i would sell high on gurley right now but for another RB probably. For example try to get bell or someone underperforming right now that your confident in down the stretch