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Evans for Freeman


12 Half Point PPR

Just had an offer… I get Freeman… He takes Evans straight up…

Im deep at WR I also have Brown…

Should I do it?


Depends do you need rbs?


My other RBs are… Cohen, Montgomery, Gurley, Gordon

I feel like if i make this trade I can shop Gurley and sell high to try and replace the loss of Evans… Gurleys schedule looks crazy coming up + I still have Brown


Yeah in that case I actually like this trade


Who would your wr’s be without Evans?


no way, im keeping evans

your RBs are more than sufficient getting freeman makes it harder to make your start/sit decisions. Brown and Evans are a must start every week

i would sell high on gurley right now but for another RB probably. For example try to get bell or someone underperforming right now that your confident in down the stretch