Evans for Ingram with a QB Swap?

I was wondering what you guys thought of this trade:

Russel Wilson and Mike Evans


Matt Ryan and Mark Ingram?

I am the Wilson Evans owner and have Crabtree, Shepard, Ginn, and Anderson so I am comfortable at WR but THIN at RB. Thoughts?

Standard league

I think that that is a fine trade. You could probably get some one better than Ingram/Ryan for that trade though. You need RB depth so I’d be fine with that in a standard league.

Ironically I posted a very similar question lol

He has Melvin Gordon but I doubt he would go for that since Melvin is a beast

He might! If I’m not mistaken, Ingram has a better playoff schedule. I think you’re selling Ingram too short. He’s been a beast too! This past week was his lowest score in a long time. Trust me, you can sell him for more than you think :slight_smile:

Oh im the one trying to GET Ingram I am selling Evans and Wilson

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Woops, my bad. I was answering another question about selling Ingram. I think if you’re winning in this league, then this trade is going to position you better in the playoffs.

unfortunately I am trying to squeak INTO the playoffs…

Hmmm, yeah that’s tough. If you can convince him to do Evans for Ingram straight up, then I think it’d give you better chances of making the playoffs. Neither Ryan or Wilson have great playoff schedules, so you may want to keep Wilson to help you get into the playoffs then stream someone when he has a bad matchup.

I have Gordon and even I think Ingram is a better option. Gordons workload to Injury probability worries me…IDK, maybe I’m just analyzing it (like I do everything in Fantasy Football) way too much haha