Evans, Green, or M Thomas? Trade one keep two!

Out of the three up top, trade one keep the others. Which would you trade and which would you keep? Which has the better value ROS? Standard League

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Trade evans while he still has the value he does. Jameis is going to run that offense into the ground like he did last year and Evans is going to be the first to feel the effects. I love both mike and AJ, you really can’t do better than that at WR.


Hmm think that Mike Evans really takes that big of a hit even though Winston is being called a QB1 ROS? I don’t disagree though as that was what I was leaning towards.

So Sad huh??? Evans is one of the most incredible players on that team. Fitz saw it, and used it to help the football world “show what he can do”!!!.. showed what he could do…given the chance!!!

(SMH)….now Jameis is backj!!! So…Evans is just OK…or better put…when Jameis says…"oh yeah…there’s Evans…DUH!!! IS WINSTON JUST AN IDIOT???

YEAH!!! THAT TEAM IS F****D NOW THAT WINSTON IS BACK unless he can get over himself and realize what he’s got sitting almost in his flipping LAP!!! :roll_eyes:

Would you say Josh Gordon has better ROS upside at this point?

No. I still think Evans is going to be a low end WR1-high end WR2. He’s going to struggle with inconsistency but the big weeks will still be there on occasion. With Gordon, the big weeks are going to be much harder to predict as he works his way into the offense. It is good to see how much brady trusts him already though. He didn’t hesitate to target him on some crucial 3rd and 4th downs.