Evans or Adams standard scoring

Mike Evans vs Patrick Peterson or Davante Adams vs Min? Need a win and all for starting your studs but really can’t afford a goose egg by Evans being in my lineup just because of his name… thank you!

Bump… really struggling with this one this week.i know it’s start your studs but I can’t afford a zero-3 point effort from Evans where Adams is almost a surefire 70 yards or a TD

Adams definitely. Evans is good but Peterson is the real deal. Plus, Adams has great TD upside with how often he is being targeted there currently since the best Minnesota have to offer will most likely be covering Jordy.

Are you pretty confident in that? I’ve been going back and forth literally all weekend. The ESPN projections always throw me of and it would feel like a gut punch if Evans goes off and Adams is in my lineup

I would stick with Evans honestly… I can live with devante adams outscoring on my bench, but I couldnt live with myself if I sat my 1st rnd pick who outscores. Evans has the TD upside when compared to the rest of the WR, compared to devante adams competing with Jordy Nelson who is a TD machine. That is usually how I persuade myself to just play my studs. Dont want to get too cute with your picks.

Just another man’s opinion though. lol good luck!

Whose your other WR and flex play? Can you not play them both

I have Evans and DJax and honestly think DJax has a better game tomorrow, but don’t know if I have the nads to bench Evans. I found a game log from last year between these two teams. Evans had 18 targets! But out of those 18 targets he only had 6 catches. However, he had 70 yards and a TD so it was a productive day overall, but I have a hard time believing he’s going to get 18 targets or anything that close tomorrow. One thing in his favor, though, is that the type of receiver who has some success against Patrick Peterson is the guy who is 6’ 3" or taller and physical and that’s Evans. Another point in Evans favor is that Adams may see a lot of Xavier Rhodes so that’s almost as bad as Evans’ matchup. Of course, if Evans had Aaron Rodgers throwing to him we wouldn’t be nearly as worried about the matchup, would we?


Check this link out and see if you can see any trends. There are only a few #1 WRs who have big games, but there are a few who had outstanding games, supposedly with Peterson guarding them.

Yeah that’s tough but I’d go Evans/ Adams I think- jax could get a big game but idk out of the WR core in Tampa I’d take Evans in any match up over Jax- just my opinion

In their 4 games this year, DJax has outscored Evans in 2 of them. In both of those games Evans was facing a shut-down corner: one was Xavier Rhodes, one was Malcom Butler. In addition to that, last week the Bucs used DJax on some slant routes and other shorter routes where he could make something happen after the catch rather than just the real deep routes he’s known for. I would like to get both DJax and Evans in my lineup, but that would mean benching Cooks, Tate or Amendola…and I really like Amendola against the Jets. Hmmmm.

Ahh lol I’m in a tough spot because I have Julio as my other WR and I have Gillislee in the flex against the jets… it’s standard scoring so I like RBs upside in the flex over a WR. I also have ty mont and aaron Jones on my bench but leaning towards staying away from them this week because I don’t know how the work will get split up and the Minnesota matchup is tough. Right now I’m leaning Evans as the starter, Gilly as the flex and Adams on my bench. It’s gonna kill me if Evans is shut down and Adams goes off

You’re definitely right about that and I don’t see Evans getting 18 targets this week but he did have a very nice game against Janoris Jenkins and the Giants a couple weeks back. I feel like I just have to roll the dice and start Evans. I didn’t trade for him to sit on my bench and I’m just hoping after how rough the pats game he looked that he has a nice bounce back week as winstons favorite target

I’m not 100%, but I think Adam’s could have a big game. It goes either way with him. There’s always a risk involved when playing that type of WR but it goes the same way for playing a WR1 who has some good coverage. Safe play would be to go with Evans and hope Winston brings his A-game. Risky play with greater reward is play Adams knowing that he has become a favorite of Rodgers.

Last week taught me always to start Adam’s. I left him in my bench with 18 points. Played the glory play of jaron brown n got torched.

Evans should still be plugged in. Just because Peterson will be covering him a majority of the time. It won’t be Peterson every time, defense doesn’t work that way where you have a particular corner on a WR 100% of the time. It may be 60% or more. Evans is an elite WR, and you can’t sit him. Last year he had a game of 6/70 and a touchdown. I expect him to get something like this again.