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Evans Reed or Abdullah


In the flex?


Who in the world are you playing over Evans at WR? Unless you have two other stud WRs, you should never be sitting Evans. You don’t sit a tier 1 WR just because of the matchup.

In PPR, I would go Reed. in standard I think I would go Abdullah. However, if you do decide to play two WRs over Evans and WR1/WR2, then Evans is the play 100 times out of 100. Absolutely no reason to have him on your bench.


Keenan Allen, check the premium projections. Standard scoring. Already started funchess Thursday so I moved him out of the flex because that’s a rookie mistake. Chill.


Yeah. Everybody’s freaking out man! Lol


That’s a good call, and I’d plug in Abdullah in the flex.


Go brownies!


Haha! You know it! (It’s my nightmare!)