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Evans Trade


I’ve been offered a trade in which I’d give up Evans for Allen Robinson and Isaiah Crowell. Now, clearly, that’s not good enough, but he said he’d be open to a counter, and I could definitely use some help elsewhere on the roster (relevant rostered players below). What would you think of a counter adding either Kelvin Benjamin or Josh Doctson?


Forgot to list the relevant roster players:

Rbs: Freeman, Hyde, Riddick, White, Deandre Washington, Drake

WRs: Evans, Cooks, Stills, Hogan, Beasley


I dont like that trade for you personally. I think youre undervalueing evans a bit. I just dont trust a-rob to bounce back. i dont trust the jags offense and they just committed to the run by drafting fournette in the first round. Isaiah crowell on the other hands could be valuable if he gets those carries up over 200+ but i dont think its guaranteed especially with duke johnson there for the primary passing target out of the backfield, adding to the point that its still the cleveland browns. I wouldnt pull the trigger on evans just yet


I definitely don’t undervalue Evans, I really just don’t know how to feel about Robinson. This all started with me inquiring about Crowell, and that was his offer. Would subing Hopkins for A Rob move the needle for you, or same concerns.


the makeup of your team tells me no dont do it. and if its a dynasty you flip him the bird while eating fuck-you-o’s. your team has a top RB and a top WR. giving up your top WR for a low end RB1 potential guy just isnt gonna cut it for me in redraft. and Arob i think will actually do really well this year. but am i going to bet on his production being good enough so i dont miss evans? helllll na. with cooks being your other top guy i just wouldnt feel comfortable. now if he wants to do just cook straight up for crowell, im much more game for that. hell, if he dislikes robinson enough you might even get him to pair both for cooks. just blow smoke up cooks ass enough and he just might go for it.


He’s pretty high on Crowell, as am I. I tried to get him before last season (the first I owned this team after taking it over), but couldn’t make it happen. His team is absurdly stacked, so there’s a plethora of options at WR, and I’m not entirely sure which ones he’d consider. What do you think about AJ Green, Crowell and a 2nd rounder? I think he’s picking 8th. Age difference between Green and Evans too much?


well if he goes for it i think i do it. green is only 28, so for a WR thats 6 more years of production you should be able to count on. same for crowell. evans is 23, so i would say 11 years you can count on. thats 1 more year of production, crammed into 6 years. along with a young potential guy in the second. i will always take more talent for a good span of time, over 1 huge talent, over a long time. because 11 years is a long time. a lot can happen. so is 6. 6 years of production gives me plenty of time to replace and replenish what ill be missing out on. and i think green even out preforms evans this year.


If this is Dynasty, I’d say hello no. I understand you want to add depth, but you’re giving up a top 5 dynasty player. If Hyde and Cooks hit, your team will be stacked.


If not dynasty, I’d take AJ and Crowell, and maybe I’d throw in White to sweeten the deal.


Thanks for all the responses guys. The additional perspective is very helpful. Here’s another scenario I was kicking around (would be a different trade partner). Evans and 1.09 for Hilton 1.01 and 2.01. Thoughts? It should be fairly obvious by now that my goal is to use the assets i have to solidify the RB position, which I view as a major question mark after Freeman. Thoughts?


The Evans for picks deal is rather solid. I think if I were you I would still ask for an additional player or bump if you could get it.