Evans/Winston Stack, Good Idea?

What do you guys think?

Evans was great with Fitz and has a good history with Winston as well. Is the Falcons matchup a trap? I was pretty confident on my choice but am going up against Barkley who is going nuts so I’m somewhat rethinking it.

I have Cousins on the bench right now but think that they may decimate Arizona to the point that Cousins doesn’t have to pass as much.

I don’t think it’s a trap. I think it will be mostly garbage time points, but that ATL def is riddled with injuries and ATL usually jumps out to a good lead when they are at home against TB. I think odds are good Winston will be throwing a lot.

Neither team has been able to establish the run, but Arizona’s defense isn’t terrible when they aren’t on the field the whole game.

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Im thinking about to do Winston / djax stack lol

Second highest over/under this week at 57 pts
Only the Chiefs NE game is higher at 59 pts
Should be plenty of cheddar to spread around. I’d do it

That’s what I’m thinking. I’m going with the Winston/Evans stack.

Im doing this in my league.