Evans/Woods or Chark for Carson/Kelce

Redraft 10-team PPR 2-flex

QB - Cousins, Brisset
RB - (Lost Kerryeon), A. Jones, Ekeler, Mixon, C. Edmonds, Ty Johnson
WR - Mike Thomas, Evans, Chark, Woods, J. Brown
TE - Hockenson, Herndon (lost Dissly)

Trying to make a trade happen with an owner who has Elliott, Carson, Chubb, & Coleman at rb. But super light at receiver. Also has Kelce and Waller at TE.

I feel like trading Evans for Carson straight up wouldn’t really help my team that much, but I’ve thought about offering Evans and either Chark, Woods, or Brown and maybe even throwing in Edmonds for Carson and Kelce. Does that seem like too much or would you do that trade?
Any opinion is appreciated!

Would he bite on Mixon + a WR or two? Big name but lackluster this year.

Man, I wish. But I doubt it. He knows my and everyone’s frustrations with Mixon lol I wouldn’t rule out throwing him in there though

Just a little bump