Even Trade?

I have Mike Evans and Michael Crabtree with Demarco Murray and a slew of low end RB2s and 3s. I was thinking of trading Michael Crabtree for Doug Baldwin and Joe Mixon. Crabtree has high value but I cant help but shake the feeling he is more of a paper tiger. I know its risky on the boom or bust Doug Baldwin and the unknown Joe Mixon but I need to start getting W’s to have any hope of making the playoffs. I have Russel Wilson as my QB so the Baldwin Wilson combo seems like a nice package. Am I crazy for thinking about this trade? Or am I crazy for thinking anyone would accept it?

Standard League.

Definitely not an even trade IMO. I would rather have Baldwin anyways so to add on Joe Mixon, it makes it extremely lopsided. Baldwin just came off a huge week and Crabtree salvaged a terrible game with a TD. Probably not the best time to make the offer