Evening all!

Just woke up (in the UK) for about 3.40am to catch a few plays of the Dolphins/Texans game.

Facing a bye week nightmare this week so probably going to lose but had picked up Amendola and traded for Will Fuller (traded away Jordan Reed)

First play… Amendola throws a TD.

Second play, Will Fuller 73 Yard TD.

As a sweetener my opponent has the Texans D.

Alive and kicking for the rest of week 8 now!

bonjour lol

Bonjour… :smiley:

Damm and just like that Fuller is hurt.

Careful with that opponent!

He’s probably stinging from a forced fumble that was returned for the TD being called an incomplete pass.
9 points! 9 POINTS!!!

I know I’m stinging.
I’m looking at a close week I figured Houston D & Harrison Butker just might push me that little bit to win.