Every Trade I’ve accepted this year leagues has been vetoed

This has been the absolute worst year for pro leagues I’ve been In. It seems like everyone who isn’t involved with a trade just vetoes them. Is anyone else experiencing that this year?

Btw these are yahoo pro leagues

This is exactly why I’m against the veto setting. Many owners won’t objectively look at a trade before making a decision and will act out of emotion, spite, or jealousy. I think each league should have two commissioners who decide trades together.

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Playing in leagues with majority vetoes is a joke. Yahoo “Pro” leagues are worse than home leagues. Just cause they slap a pro label on it means nothing. Don’t play in leagues with vetos. That easy.


Final got my home league to remove the veto process, no one ever voted but the 2 day cool off period was a joke.

Best season yet already with instant trades.

Plain and simple don’t play in leagues with the majority veto, it’s never used correctly and ruins the whole experience

I’m completely against vetoing leagues. This isnt a democracy, its fantasy football! I want to crush my opponents and hear the lamenting of their women! I throw bad trades out there to people all the time (usually for a laugh or to get the conversation started… we have a really fun group of folks)

If someone wants to collude in a trade, I wouldnt want them returning to the league next year. And if someone is fool/gullible enough to take a bad trade… well “Dont suck at Fantasy football so much”

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