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  1. i’m new at this and whenever i try to trade someone on NFL.com it’s like they never get it i at least send 50 trades last week nothing comes back as if they were dead this is dumb i never get the players i want only IF i trade them if already took then is crazy…

  2. im 2-2 at the moment and i never played this stuff before i love it and i want to join more groups

3.this took along time for me to write yeah i don’t know why i just added this but hope you take the time and read it also does anyone have a group or League i can join on NFL.com so it can be fun to trade

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Not really sure if you have a question in here besides asking for a league to join… While I don’t have a league for you to join, most likely you just joined a public league, in which most people don’t care about or you are just offer shitty trades.

Man you’ve got to take it easy with the attention seeking. Your thread has been up for 35 mins. All leagues are different. Some leagues won’t have a trade all season, some will have multiple trades every week.

It sounds like you’re flooding teams with trade offers and they won’t take you seriously that way. When you send a trade, don’t be expecting to win it in a landslide.

Also, please try to use some semblance of grammar here. If we can’t under your posts, we can’t help you.

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So I have had issues where i wasn’t receiving notifications or emails that there was a trade offer on the table and have had to IM the other owners in the league to make sure they knew that I sent them an offer