Everyone wants to trade for McCaffrey

First time typer long time reader.

Got offered an intriguing trade and wanted some advice

Scary Terry mclaurin

David Johnson
Julian Edelman
Austin hooper

My te spot like everyone is rough and I could use help in the wr category… Problem is if I take the trade I have to rely on devonta freeman and David Johnson, the cardinals offense.

What do you all think?

I’d see say keep CMC

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They are willing to also take CMC and Gallup. Not much on their end other than what’s offered worth taking IMO

Similar case here…

Got the following offer:
2 2020 1st round picks +
1 2021 1st round pick +
1 2020 2nd round pick +
1 2021 2nd round pick


McCaffrey +
TJ Hockenson

I’m on a 10 teams, dynasty, non-ppr, idp.

Would you still keep CMC?

Sitting at 3-3 and feels like with my current I will never really be a contender.
My team on offense: Mahomes, McCaffrey, Damien William, Hopkins, Brandin Cooks, Metcalf, Waller. (Bench: Stafford, Duke Johnson, AJ Brown, Tyrell Williams, Hockenson, Trey Burton, others less relevant)


There’s no way I would do this

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I agree. I’m not in a dynasty league but throwing your year away for picks for 2021 doesn’t seem to make sense when you still have a decent shot at playoffs.