Expanding a league

currently my league has 10 teams and we are going to add 2 teams. the divisions and scheduling has already been fixed, but keepers is where my league has had problems. The league allows 10 keepers per team and roster size is 20. should there be a reduction in the number of keepers allowed this year to help the new teams? also, how should the new teams be incorporated into the draft?

Honestly I would just redraft all players if it’s only a 10 keeper league. Why are you choosing to expand?

Otherwise, yes, I would reduce keepers and employ a lottery. Maybe each team chooses 6 keepers and gets 4 players (out of the 6) guaranteed or something like that. Then I would give the two new teams 4 picks each. Followed by the draft as normal. Let me know if you need further clarification.

The league is entering its 4th season and I feel like most people aren’t going to want to redraft all together. This happened in another league I am currently in where we had 8 people our first season, then expanded to 10 our next season and each team kept 6 players and then the new additions could pick anyone that wasn’t kept to fill their first 6 spots (excluding rookies)

Not saying it’s impossible. Maybe you have owners lined up?

But if I was a new owner and my first pick/player was 49th (in an 8 team) or 61st (in a 10 team) I would be unhappy. Those expansion teams are starting in the hole.

I’d say everyone pick their 10 keepers, then get to protect 4. The 2 new teams then each draft 4 players each, then the original teams get their remaining keepers back. Then entire league drafts again. If you had a keeper chosen, you get a compensatory draft pick

Ok, I like that idea. So the draft order is currently a snake draft where the consolation bracket determines the first 6 spots where the most successful gets first pick to avoid tanking, followed by the playoff teams. where would u add the 2 new teams. would they go 1 and 2, 7 and 8 so they are between the playoff and consolation teams, or 11 and 12?

also with compensatory picks, would those be before the regular draft, and if so, should rookies be able to be taken with a compensatory pick?

Yeah I would let the new teams pick first and second, and for the compensatory picks I would just say you get an extra pick at your same spot in the first and second round, so that way you can pick a replacement player from a similar tier