Expectations for Ronald Jones II?

I’m in a full PPR dynasty league. I was offered the following trade:

I receive

  • Ronald Jones II
  • Chase Edmonds
  • Hunter Henry
  • 2021 4th round pick

I give up

  • Devin Singletary
  • Sony Michel

My current RBs are Mostert and Singletary so they already aren’t very good. I’m building for the future. This trade probably isn’t good for me, but I wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts. I’m mostly questioning Ronald Jones II and Devin Singletary’s roles in their offenses.

Singletary is too small to take on a big workload. He also has Zack Moss to compete with for work. The Bills offense looks to be getting stronger and stronger, but their o-line is still weak

Jones has never been consistent, but is now in a revamped offense that could be open for more opportunities. Jones also has Vaughn to deal with tho. Jones is also bigger than Singletary and could be able to take on a bigger workload.

I have three 1sts and four 2nds in next year’s rookie draft so I’ll most likely have a different RB by next year anyway.

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Sony is going to surprise this year. The Patriots were eviscerated on the o-line, had no tight ends and all their full backs were done for the season by week 4. They are going to get the man the ball. I wouldn’t be dealing him now


I would pass. You are not getting really anything in return. I worry more about RoJo than Singletary. Singletary showed he could be counted on while RoJo has not yet proven it. Though he did look better last season than most think. To Singletary’s size, I am not sure that is real. I think that is narrative more than reality. That is, he is that size but that does not mean he is too small. The NFL is evolving and many of those stats are historical.

I am not sold on Sony, and frankly I think Harris takes a big step forward. That said, Sony should get work with whatever NEP is trying to do. Admittedly that looks confusing.

But those two are my top 2 you have shown from either side of the trade. Unless you really need TE, there is no reason I would accept. Even with my love of Hunter Henry being high, he is still risky with all the changes in LAC. Your picks next year will do you favors. For now, I’d hold those guys and see what you get. Then look to 2021 to bolster as needed.

My two cents, but I hope it helps!

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