Experimental All Flex SF League. Redraft. Sleeper. 12tm. $100

12 Team Redraft on Sleeper. $100 Buy-In via LeagueSafe August 24 (e-check only, majority approval payouts). 6 Team playoff starting week 14.

2 Superflex, 6 Flex, 7 Bench. No kickers or DST. No individual positions at all. FAAB budget and continuous (daily) waivers. 2nd game each week against median weekly score. No draft pick trading, but we will have FAAB trading.

Scoring is Tiered PPR (new concept see below). 6 pt QB TDs. Will include punt/kick return yards, 1 pt per 25 yards, and 1 point per ST tackle. No big play bonuses. I’m throwing in a few changes for QB scoring. -.1 pt per pass attempt. +.2 pt per pass completion. That way the more accurate QBs are rewarded.

We’ll do a slow draft (8 hr clock) starting August 25th after the last pre-season week 3 game. We’ll do a free Fanduel contest for week 3 of the pre-season to determine the draft order. You will get to choose your own draft spot based on your finish in that contest.

Tiered PPR:

0.25 - 0-9 yard catch
0.50 - 10-19 yard catch
0.75 - 20-29 yard catch
1.00 - 30+ yard catch

2019 Payouts:

$600 First
$240 Second
$125 Third
$75 Most points at end of the regular season (weeks 1-13)
$10 Most points each week (weeks 1-16)

Leave your email below if interested. Thanks!