Expert advice! .5PPR 10teams I got last pick

Guys any advice help!

I got last pick in my draft the order does reverse so I’ll get 2 picks in a row. Half PPR. Pick 2 RBs or RB then WR!!??

Best available, from what I’m seeing in that position that usually means WR/WR. I would then target KJ, Aaron Jones, Mack in the 3/4 turn if possible.

Oh so back to back WRs?? That’s a good move! Then back to back RBs after?

The move is to not go in with a set plan but just take the best available players as they fall to you. So don’t go in set with the idea that you need to take RB the a WR or RB the RB because if the best value is elsewhere you’re missing out.


I agree with Nick.

Do lots of mocks from that position and don’t zero in too closely on specific players. Instead, get to know which group of players tend to be there at your corner of the draft.

Always ask yourself: who is falling to me, and why are they falling?

You will sometimes have to reach to get your guy. If ADP says he’s at the other end of the board, he ain’t comin’ back around to you. Don’t be a slave to ADP and take someone else. If the guy you’re sold on is at the other end of the board, and taking him is a reach, so what? Take him. Get your guys. Reaching is inevitable when drafting from three picks within either end of the board.

Be flexible.


100% this.