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Explain Yourself! Ranking Debates & Hot Takes - Ep. #379


Originally published at: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/videos/explain-ranking-debates-hot-takes-ep-379/

Fantasy Football Podcast for May 18th, 2017. On today’s show, Andy, Mike, and Jason ask each other to explain some big disparities between each of their fantasy football rankings. It helps to have different viewpoints and understand why each of the guys like or dislike a player. Get ready for some potential bold predictions and…


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I’m disappointed in Mike. He neglected to hit the “It’s gonna be maaay” button when Andy opened the show with the date.
That’s my fantasy football analysis of the day.


I was really hoping to hear this one explained


That my friend would be a typo! Thanks for finding it, I’ll get it fixed soon.