External factors at QB and WR. Thoughts?

Confident starting Dak with a hole at LT or should I start Fitzpatrick against Miami?

Also WR2 & Flex:
Marquise Lee v weather (23mph wind/snow/rain)
D.Adams v Bal
Sanu v Seattle
…or pick up Bruce Ellington?

1/2 point PPR

Pick up Ellington. Fitz was lousy last week. Cowboys using a deffferent tackle this week and probably two TEs to help the guy. I could not sit Dak in any of my leagues. He got me this far and will stick with it. If you can still get Inman, he is Chi number one WR

If I grab Ellington, who’s my other start from my current set?

Try to get Inman. Absent that option. I would go for Sanu. Kam chanceller is out for the year which greatly reduces Seattle defense

Yeah I was wondering who the Sherman and Chancellor injuries would open up the most. Julio and Sanu sounds like

If the weather improves for jacksonville, wind exceeds 20 mph and temperature drops to lower back 20s, teams move away from passing to running