Extra Flex Spots

This year in my 10 team league, we are starting 1 each of QB, RB, WR, TE then having 3 flex spots to allow more flexibility in case Covid issues arise. With that format, I am thinking of going QB & TE early to get that positional advantage with the thought that I can easily fill up 3 flex spots.

Thoughts on this strat?

Sounds like a legit strategy. I would definitely be doing multiple mocks and see how it plays out with that strategy though before deciding for sureā€¦

Yeah, I have the 4 spot and looks like if I grab one of the RBs in first round, I should have a combo of Lamer/Mahomes at QB with Kittle/Kelce as tight end so it that is available, can we a little week at WR but typically will end up with a lot of upside WRs.