Extrem first world starter problem

Hey Foot Clan,

my team is 9-1 so far and already safe in the play off round, but still in battle with a 8-2 team for that sweet first place seed.
So I want to keep up the pace. It’ a 10 team full PPR league, with 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE and 1Flex slots.
Now, here is my luxus starter question. I already have a team in mind, but I want to hear your opinions.
Who would you start this week form this pool of players:

QBs: D.Prescott (Phi), T.Taylor (@LAC)

RBs: T.Gurley (@Min), K.Hunt (@NYG), A.Kamara (Wsh)
(Man… I love this team so much :smiley: )
Also have J.Mixon and A.Morris but they are just decoration right now.

WRs: A.Brown (Ten), S.Shepard (KC), R. Woods (@Min), M.Jones Jr. (@Chi)

TEs: Gronk (@Oak), Ertz (@Dal)

Have fun and thanks for your opinions! :smiley:

QB is a toss up, watch the left tackle situation in dallas, if tyrone smith is still out play taylor. you have to start gurley and hunt and ide slide kamara into the slot, wr brown obviously and the 2nd one is a tough call, shephard is gunna have a tough time with peters, woods @ min is a bad matchup and chicago’s defense has been pretty stout all year. personally ide lean jones jr. but any of the 3 are equally risky due to some tough matchups. Cannot go wrong at TE. Make sure ertz isnt still hurt. otherwise either guy is gunna have a good game. as a pats fan ide lean gronk but ertz has been awesome all year again watch for injury updates on him.

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