Extreme Engagment year round Dynasty 1/2 PPR / IDP

I’m the commissioner of a dynasty leauge (10 members are all local from Vancouver Canada) 1/2 PPR , IDP on sleeper. Entering our second offseason just finished year one but since it’s dynasty our rookie draft is right around the corner.

Looking for a guy who is looking to be extremely engaged year round (especially if you can not attend the local events ) and basically never leave haha. We were shocked to lose the guy that left but don’t see anyone else leaving.
This leauge feels very much like the show the leauge. Lots of playful shit talking and truly the best leauge I’ve been a part of. Lots of trades and have a separate group chat through IMessage + use FB

Let me know if you’re interested and I can give you more info or if you have any questions. Please let me know why you’re a good fit. I would love to know what sets you a part.

It’s worth it!!! I promise. Unreal leauge.

Hope to talk to you soon !!

Send me an email johnstuartgreen@gmail.com