Extreme superflex league

Hey everyone, so I joined my buddy’s crazy 32man roster league where we need to start 10 players on Offence. The min requirement is 1 QB, 1RB and 3 WR/TE. The rest of the 5 spots are a superflex. There are bonuses for all positions for rushing passing and receiving. I know usually in a superflex you should play 2 QBs so with 5 spots should I still be going super heavy on QBs for the draft?

Yes, but not so much that you eschew other important positions. With so many starters, it’s going to be important to have balance and depth, not 5 QBs and Latavius Murray as your RB1.

If it’s a 10 team league, I’d probly try to get 3-4 QBs in the first 10 rounds or so, and count on making up the points from a 4th-5th QB with strong flex options like Brandin Cooks and Damien Harris.

If it’s a 12 team league, then getting 3 solid starting QBs may be enough to ask for.

But hey, weird leagues make for weird drafts. The bottom line is that you will need to be aware of what’s going on around you and adjust your draft strategy as necessary to catch the falling studs without neglecting your primary goal of getting 3-4 solid QBs.