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Ez-E Trade Offer


Just had a trade offer of Mike Evans and Alshon Jefferey for Ez-E in a keeper league. I am loaded at RB with Lev Bell, Dalvin Cook, Tarik Cohen and Doug Martin (for later in the season). I only have 4 WR’s (D Thomas, Diggs, C Coleman, and Moncrief). He also made a second proposal for Gronk and Sammy Watkins. With Diggs stock possibly falling, any thoughts?


I would take this trade you ar too sucked at RBs and you can deal with the loss of Zeke and mike Evans will make your team not just RB heavy but add balance to your roster!


I wouldn’t do it. RB’s are harder to come by, especially workhorse RB’s. Zeke is a certified stud for the foreseeable future and your WR’s aren’t bad. Thomas and Diggs are a fantastic duo.


in dynasty WRs shelf life is a lot longer than RBs so i would probably consider that trade.

Im not too clear on the gronk trade, dont really know what youre getting/sending


I would be getting Gronk and Watkins for Zeke.


My only concern is if Zeke is my keeper for next season he is sure to miss the first six games. Bye weeks are also a bit of a concern for me.


I would take Evans/Jeffrey. I was originally going to say no way, but you made a good point with the suspension.

Bell/Cook/Evans/Thomas would all be great keepers next season so I don’t think losing a good keeper.