Ezekiel Elliot

This is for those of us who had Zeke and wanted more points. Feel free to whine with me.

On that one yard line they kneel instead of runthe ball with Zeke. I get it, but that’s some crap. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

136 yds with 6 catches and a td not enough? Gotta applaud the performance.

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I’m content, this week is a meaningless matchup for me, my seeding cannot change unless I lose, second place wins and also outscores me by 200pts
But it looks like I’ll win regardless lol

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I’m actually kinda happy they saved his TD for another week lol
Hopefully 15 and/or 16

I can whine more.

Had a prop bet that needed Zeke to get a few more yards, the fantasy points only would have been a plus.

On top of that, I had a prob bet for Dak to have 24 rushing yards, he had 25, but with the kneel downs he got negative 3 years and finished with 22! Im a 'boys fan so I was more than happy to have the win but the negative kneel yards kill me.


I get it. It was the right move from a football perspective. But when I saw lattimore get the PI and ball at the one I was ready for that last cheap 6 pts. From a purely fantasy perspective it really sucked. I want every point I can possibly get.

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I agree, I also have a Total TD prop on Zeke and he needs 4 more on the year so that one extra last night would have helped out big time. Here’s to hoping his points last night is enough for the win!

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