FA and FAAB, Who to target?

My dynasty league’s first rookie draft just ended and waivers for FA have opened up, reaching out to the dynasty community to see how i should approach my FAAB for this offseason.

Offseason shares same budget as reg season, 100$.

For example, Gronk and Blake Jarwin are both available. Should i be aggressively pursuing them with large amounts of FAAB? How often do you use FAAB during the regular season after the first year, now that teams are relatively filled up with acquisitions from last years waivers as well as the rookie draft? Unsure weather to be conservative now and more aggressive during the season or vice versa.

Any tips or thoughts would be much appreciated, thanks ballers

Depends how the waiver periods are set up you may be able to pick them up instantly using 0 FAAB

Sorry i’ll clarify. We have daily waivers, a 24hr period, and FA just opened up, so at least on the big names (such as Gronk and Jarwin) people are likely to bid hot and heavy.

I guess what i’m asking is what is a strategy people like to use in this situation, as this is my first dynasty off-season. Should i try and be aggressive now and have a smaller remaining budget for when the season starts, or be more conservative and save it for in-season acquisitions.

There is really no right answer for that basically there are times to be aggressive and times to remain conservative but that all depends on what your current players are and what is on the waivers. Who do you currently have at TE?

Right now my TE1 is Austin Hooper and have both Herndon and Griffin (Jets TE’s) on the bench.

However, we also run 2 flex spots, and both of those guys could certainly fill in those roles.

*i would include my current FAAB bids on those 2 guys but some of my league members frequent this site, wouldn’t want them to one-up me on the off chance they see the post

Ok I’m not a fan of using TE in flex but to each their own. In your situation I would definitely take a shot at blake, I wouldnt waiste FAAB to rent Gronk for 1 season that he may end up injured half way through. Unless I had no clear cut starter.

I would put maybe $4 on Blake but If you want to be aggressive double or triple that. You would hate to spend a 3rd of you FAAB on a back up TE in the offseason and have nothing left for the season when a starting RB goes down.

Appreciate the opinion, certainly weighing being more aggressive with Jarwin over Gronk.

If anyone else can also provide input it would be much appreciated, less than 20 hours till first wave of waivers clears!

I’ll agree with the above. You have a couple of starters who have the potential to be top 12 at the position (not that that means anything)if you want to go after Blake, for more consistent performance I would agree with you, but going all out for a guy who may finish no better than. A couple of places above your current starter, then not being able to replace a more valuable starter (RB/WR1) doesn’t make sense.