FAAB advice: Carson, Allen and Nelson

Hi Footclan! How much should I spend for each of those players? Is Carson the guy to own in that backfield?

How does your RB situation look? If you aren’t desperate for RB right away, I would save most of your FAAB until another RB gets hurt behind a better offensive line

Well I’m considering bids in both my leagues. Here’s my RB situation for both:

League 1: Gurley, McCoy, Hunt, Abdullah, Mixon, Kelley, Powell (most likely dropping Powell)

League 2: Freeman, Gordon, Fournette, Gore, Cohen, Rawls and Blount (most likely dropping Blount and Rawls)

I’m solid at RB in both leagues, but since it’s a scarce position, I figured it would make sense to stock up in case of injury and for trade assets