FAAB Amount In-Season

Fore those that do FAAB in their leagues. I am planning to do a continuous FAAB style. What do you think is a good amount for owners to have in-season?

I’m implementing FAAB in my startup dynasty league this year and will be issuing everyone with $100 for the season. It could have been $200 or $1000 but at the end of the day if you look at it in percentages it’s irrelevant imo how much FAAB you give.

I would suggest you allow $0 bids to be made as well.

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Only advice I would give is that the smaller the budget the easier it is to settle on a bid so if you have some reluctant owners that are unsure about doing a FAAB, I would start with a smaller budget. We actually only used $25 with $0 bids for the first year to get my owners used to it.

Good call and makes very good sense. Maybe I will figure out a happy medium for everyone, thanks @Flier and @jaysumz

I’ve used $1,500 in my league since 2008 and it has worked great. I do not allow $0 bids because the amount is large enough. I would say that if you do $200-under then you should allow $0 bids.

The reason I like larger FAAB amounts, it’s because it is very difficult to have duplicate bids and it’s a personal preference.

I’ll give you an example, when Brady went down in 2008 I believe, Cassel was picked up for $1,000 by Brady’s owner. To me personally, I like seeing $1,000 bid more than $75. That’s just me.

In the end, it’s probably the same whether you go with a large amount or not, percentages are still the same.