FAAB commish question

Footclan assemble!!! Need some quick help. Does everyone prefer continuous waivers or one select day for waivers processing. Let me know!!

First time me and my buds are doing FAAB so I went with Tuesday’s so managers can pick up FA’s on gameday. Might switch to continuous next year.

11 year Commish. Have tried many different ways of acquiring FA. IMO, the best way is a FAAB that runs once a week, then first come, first served add/drop up until game time thereafter.


This is how it runs in both my leagues - one which I Commish.

Works well.

Say for instance player A goes down in practice with an ACL on a Wednesday. Well player B, player A’s handcuff, just became the waiver of the week, maybe even the year. You think it’s fair that pickup is just first come first serve??

I prefer waivers run Sun, Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat. By not running Tuesday you give everyone a chance to get caught up on the weekend game results. Obviously a player who was already active, cannot be picked up until the following Wednesday waivers

Ex. Ertz get’s hurt on Thurs. Dallas Goedert is not available to be picked up on either Sunday or Monday’s waivers.

As a participant in the league it is something to be engaged in each day. Either picking up a player who is breaking out or seeing who just got dropped. It also provides everyone a fair shot to acquire a player.

Through ‘good’ sites this is no more difficult to manage as a Commish.